Scorpio tarot card meaning

When it comes to love, you want to be equal with your partner and will kick against being expected to play second fiddle. Any partner or lover needs to be as quick witted as you or you will become bored. For you, foreplay starts in the head and any potential partner or long term lover has to keep you mentally stimulated! Connect with the Queens! To connect with the Queen of Wands — light your fire energy by doing something adventurous that is maybe out of your normal comfort zone!

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Take singing or dancing lessons or sign up for an evening course in stand-up comedy. To connect with the Queen of Cups — go with the flow! Hang out near water — be it a still lake or a roaring river. If all else fails, buy a CD of sea sounds and have it playing as you fall asleep at night.

Take time to breathe and allow yourself to feel all of your emotions. To connect with the Queen of Pentacles — Do something creative with tangible results. Spend an afternoon gardening or cooking. Take a course in pottery or painting. To connect with the Queen of Swords — Challenge yourself to learn something new and get your brain working!

Start a book club with your friends, pick a book and discuss the ideas it sparks.

How well do you know your Goddesses? How well do you know your Major Arcana?

What Does the Moon Bring You?

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The Tarot Deck You Should Purchase, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Loads of psychic tarot readings available FREE online. View free readings. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. How well do you know the Major Arcana? The Chariot here reminds you to adapt through changes and take risks coming out of the secure environment. You, Leo, own the tarot of Strength in the tarot card reading for your zodiac.

Like your symbol, the tarot card speaks of courage and immense physical strength. It is an indication that you have the power to conquer and hold amazing control over your emotions, feelings, mental and spiritual sphere. The appearance of Strength is a sign that your strength will be tested and at that time you must leave your ego and choose humbleness for success. The Hermit is your card, Virgo.

It is the card of solitude and shows your sensitivity towards the deceits of the outer world. The card advises you to take the time for yourself and think over self-introspection. It asks you to explore yourself deeply and look over the real purpose of life to gain success and happiness. This is also an indication that you must open up yourself and share your knowledge with others. You Libra can only be represented best with the Tarot card of Justice. The card in the tarot card reading is the sign of balance, fairness, and harmony.

As a tarot card for your zodiac sign, it asks you to weigh your needs with worldly desires so that you may fairly balance your life at every aspect. Justice in tarot card readings is also an advice that you must not always seek perfection but try to accept your flaws and create harmony. Scorpio, your Tarot Card is Death.

Unlike its literal meaning, the card in tarot card reading is the sign of change and transformation to new. It tells you to leave the past and transform yourself into a new and healthy you. The cards know you Scorpio and reflect your true nature to leave the old layers.

It talks about your ability to detach yourself from the endings which you need to realize for peace and solace in life. Sagittarius, you are impatient and that is why you have got the Tarot of temperance for your zodiac sign. The card in tarot card readings is an indication of patience in every work. It is a suggestion that you need to hold your horses and gather the information for making a correct judgment. The Temperance card reminds you to be focused and disciplined so that you may get through the middle of difficulties and achieve your goals. The Devil tarot card is your personal tarot, Capricorn.

The Devil is the card of obsession and addiction.

It is the sign of negativity that is afflicting you from inside and making you weak and unconfident. With the Full Moon in its domain,the Scorpio is more than capable of lifelong commitment sometimes to the detriment of their object of affection, but we won't go into that until the New Moon arrives in its constellation. They hold on to their loved ones, hold on very tight indeed, and rarely let go. Even with a passing risk of such a commitment becoming ever so slightly dysfunctional, they are willing to work on it, modify their behavior and help their partner change theirs, if needed, all for the sake of staying together.

Mysterious and intuitive, in some more primitive times a good portion of them would run the risk of being branded witches. If they do consciously decide to indulge in some occult activities, they are rumored to possess a natural propensity towards the ability to commune with the dead. With this creature of the zodiac, you never really know.

And while this may be a slight exaggeration, your Scorpio will have a certain air of mystique around them and it will appear not beyond them to have a closet full of witchy supplies and be able to summon a demon or two at will.

SCORPIO October 2019 Tarot reading forecast

Their interests both spiritual and artistic will always lean towards the dark side. Get your personal free moon cycle tarot reading with our app, plus an introduction into incorporating moon phases into your life. Scorpio advises us to stay focused and faithful to our true selves.

Their transformative nature links them to the Death card in the Tarot, meaning that they are constantly evolving, leaving their old selves behind for one that is incrementally closer to their nature. Even if all the odds are against us, and against the partner our heart has chosen, even if we are misunderstood and facing harsh criticism and rebuke from others, we need to remain constant and not give in to the expectations of others. Believe in yourself and in your life's purpose. The stalwart and passionate Scorpio always does and never gives up. No one is allowed to cross its red lines and it is prepared to fight for them until the last breath.

This sense of determination, of being absolutely right and not budging an inch, comes from Scorpios innate intuitive feeling. Members of this sign commonly possess a connection to the other side, the other world, stronger than that of most mortals. If they know something to be right, correct and just, they will know it with all their heart and be prepared to face any enemy to prove their point.