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Please Register Saptarishis Astrology is an annual multi-lingual Astrological E-Magazine. We are a free global platform of to astrologers worldwide: Vedic astrologers as well as Western astrologers. In a short span of time Saptarishis Astrology has become the most premiere astrology magazine in the world due to the hard work of the global volunteer astrologers.

Saptarishis Astrology is the first magazine to allow the authors to retain the copyright of their articles. This free astrology magazine is contributed by astrologers worldwide who wish to carry the torch of true astrology to the next generation of astrologers. You can freely download the full astrology magazine from the download magazine section. You can also download individual astrology articles from the articles section. Bhrighu jyotish work shop 20th january saturday 10am-5pm contact mrs poonam saxena : 91 saptarishis office no Learn bhrighu jyotish secrects from the author of best seller Bhrighu saral paddhati Click Here.

Vedic Astrology with Ernst Wilhelm

How to rectify your birth time till D60, Using Nadi Techniques in D60 to accurately predict year of event.. How to use only D60 to make predictions Click Here. Predict With Trishamsa. Venus In Astrology. Saturn A Friend Or Foe. Predicting Through Nakshatras Part 2.

Authors A V Sundaram. Acharya Ashok Sahajanand. Acharya Dhananjay Sanyasi. Acharya Dilip Kumar. Acharya Mukund Daivagya. Acharya Prem Bhatia. Acharya Vedant Teerth.

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Akhila Kumar. Arun Kumar Sharma. Ashwani Kumar Bansal.

DC Publications

BV Raman. CM Shrivastava. Dayanand Varma. DP Saxena. Dr Bhojraj Dwivedi. Dr Gauri Shankar Kapoor.

How to Use Vedic Astrology to Inform Your Meditation Practice | The Chopra Center

Dr KS Charak. Dr Manoj Kumar. Dr Narayan Datt Shrimali. Dr Radhakrishan Shrimali. Dr Shanker Adawal. Dr Umeshpuri Gyaneshwar. Durga Prasad Shukl. View All Authors. Vedic Remedies In Astrology. To start with the student has been furnished quite a number o.. Second edition of the popular book by the same name, Visti has refined every chapter and expanded the work to include another treasure house of Jyot..

Astrology subject is prevalent all over the world, in different forms, from immemorial times. With present socio-economic globalization the subject of.. Brhat Naksatra English by Sanjay Rath. Starting with the Sapta-loka Mandala and the Tri-nadi Chakra, this book examines naksatra tattva where you would be amazed to find the clue to under..

This is the book based on the works of Guruji Sri R. Rao in general and specifically an extended version of Transit results of Rao's System of Naa.. Lucky Numerology1 Money Position Fame. Quite a number of persons throughout the world have.. Ashutosh Bhardwaj comes from Bihar with deep interest and knowledge in Vedic Astrology, laimini astrology and Hast Rekha.

He started learning astrol.. How to Judge a Horoscope is a departure from the conventional method of treatment of astrology. The book is intended to fulfill three objects, firstly to furnish in one place the horoscopes having an important beating on the multifarious fields.. It is a study in the use of Horoscope in every..

Mantreswara's Phala Deepika.

It holds a ver.. Excerpts from reviews; " Not only is the Astrology of the Seen a good introduction to Hindu Jyotisha, but it is also a mine of information on the su.. Jyotish Ratnakar. Predict With Saptamsha. A birth chart consists of planets, signs, nakshatras, and houses. The interface of these elements indicates the qualities, characteristics and the c..

Never before in the history of Nakshatra Astrology, has a book like this, which covers the predictive part of Naksatras, been published. There are m.. Parashar Hora Shatadhyai Vol-1 Vol There are some who will say that the Moon's Nodes Rahu and Ketu are worthless.

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