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She reportedly accepted his proposal a day after learning from Peter Townsend that he intended to marry a young Belgian woman, Marie-Luce Jamagne, who was half his age and bore a striking resemblance to Margaret. Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon were divorced in Prevented from marrying her first, and possibly best love because of his divorce.

I wonder how the Princess's life would have unrolled had she been allowed to marry Group Captain Townsend? Townsend died in , Princess Margaret in Posted by Twilight at Saturday, November 20, Hi Twilight, you are half forgiven because you are British. But who still cares about royals, British or Swedish? On my early morning ride today I asked Cognac my horse, and I talk to him whether on our return, when putting on the PC and your blog, I would find some comment about Prince William's engagement - and see?

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Lady Di outdid them all, the Queen still suffers and now its to be hoped that Lady Kate will not be the next victim. It's all about the press, money Lady Gaga etc. But in the interest of astrology, even royals apparentely obey the same type of rules.


What's intriguing is that William was born on the summer solstice, June And there is Stonehenge. Princess M was tragic, eh T? Who knews how the Townsend thing would have panned out, the fantasy remains of the thwarted love of her life. XO WWW. But they are public figures whose lives can sometimes offer astrological insights.

I noticed some November dates linked to some royals, and decided I might as well us them for a post. I'd already decided NOT to write much about William and his intended boring so went back in time for something which I found more interesting. A pat on the neck to to Cognac - and best wishes to your goodself, GP Even in such a privileged life style as Princess M. We might be romanticising her too much, I guess. She might have turned out much the same if she had been able to marry Townsend.

But somehow I think not. If Charles had married Camilla the first time round then the tragedy that was his marriage to Diana would not have happened. Fortunately Wiiliam appears to have learned the lessons of his family history and has taken his time. He has said himself it was to give Kate time to back out if she wanted to. Now of course the big question is will Charles become King or step aside for William. If the Queen does go on until her death then Charles could be in his 80s and William only in his 40s.

The world may be a different place by then so who knows.

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Charles didn't help matters this week by saying that Camilla "could be Queen" when he becomes King. So the Windsor soap opera still has a few plot lines to be played out. I am a royalist only in the sense that I prefer the existing arrangement to having a President. Sorry T , but the idea of Cherie Blair as our first lady is not something I could stomach. And it would have cost us a lot more than the monarchy does. And not just in financial terms. My first reaction though on hearing the engagement announced is what are we being distracted from.

The so called recession or is there something else in the small print or back pages in teh news we're overlooking somehow. You couldn't make it up. I've wondered about the timing of the engagement announcement too.

We'll soon see if there's been any skulduggery afoot. Interesting post, particularly concerning Margaret and the lies spun by the then government nothing changes! Surprisingly, I am a Royalist. I've become more so since living in America and sampling the alternative. I'm with Rossa there. Charles is doing an enormous amount of good behind the scenes, particularly in respect of climate change, and the Queen has worked her crown off for Britain over the years.

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For someone who has never believed in it, I have spent an inordinate amount of time thinking and talking about it. In fact for a long time astronomer and astrologer were synonyms—both doing deep study of the objects in the heavens and tracking their motions.

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So when and why did they diverge? For a long time they did the same kinds of things worked with chemicals and both were involved in pushing the science of chemistry forward, but then they ran into a problem: nobody could turn base elements into one another e. Astrology and astronomy have that same conundrum. Both started with making careful notation of the motions of objects and changes in relative brightness.

Such observed patterns helped our ancestors create calendars, predict annual weather patterns, and develop agriculture. But astrologers went off the rails with the idea of celestial objects affecting more fine-grained aspects of day-to-day life. I despise pseudoscience on principle.

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It helps people make connections to the stars and gets people into the planetarium. I think one of the most clear-headed perspectives on astrology like many other topics comes from Douglas Adams —delivered by an alien living on Pluto:. The more rules, the tinier the rules, the more arbitrary they are, the better.

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The graphite's not important. Planetariums are a unique interface where the public brushes up against hard science in a very genuine way. As part of my job I get to talk to—and answer questions from—many audiences about astronomy, and I have noticed some things.

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Why we are still talking about the Parker Solar Probe? Is it the price tag?

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The data? Or how it will melt?

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